F8 = IPO! Great job, Facebook!

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2 responses to “F8 = IPO! Great job, Facebook!

  1. dito. Im a little anxious another big op will pass our generation by becasuse we are too busy doingthebitch work. Most of us on facebook will never really profit from this. Its ok to quit your day job and design apps and market if your over 40…
    But at 24 Im supposed to do bitch work for a few years and learn the meaning of a dolar! lol.
    When that social network for people over the hill will start up soon….Ill beready then. Best thing all the comapanies could do know is grab a kid or two who is popular on facebook and at least cut them in on the deal.
    Also whoever host the easy copy & paste how to make a apllication site will probably benefit alot!! the apps for dummies isnt out yet, and when it is….wont that mean the end? We get tired of stuff quick. first month is priceless. But I dont know anything…my parents still pay for my life insurance. Ya’ll have fun! off to my day job wasting my friends lists…

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