What are your startup’s philosophies?

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12 responses to “What are your startup’s philosophies?

  1. The moment your credibility died:

    “While she was CEO, Carly helped steer HP back on track by focusing the employees on the values to make great strategic decisions.”

  2. Well, I suppose it wouldn’t be a good opinion without some disagreement!

    I wish there were some reasons provided for your feedback! HP performed well in the years following her being CEO.

    Of course, I wasn’t there to see it myself.

  3. Before her she left there were articles written on how she was a bad CEO. When HP did well after her departure, there were articles written about how she was actually a good CEO and all the seeds she planted came to fruition.

    How about doing things that make people happy.

  4. The moment your credibility lived:

    When I saw you as one of the blogs of the minute on WordPress. 😉

  5. I’m starting my own t-shirt design business and I think my philosophy is “helping people to stand out fashionably.”

  6. Wow, thanks for this great post. I’m at the start of thinking about how do I start up my company. This was very helpful.

    Because of this blog post, I started thinking about what my philosophy is and I came up with something: to enlighten, educate, help and empower.

  7. “helping people to stand out fashionably.”

    Ummm…. that seems to be more of a mission statement than a philosophy. I think a philosophy is more akin to what the personality of your company will be.

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  9. Cool post.., dude

  10. All the “philosophies” of business are in people’s heads. When money-making is involved, the philosophy suffers. There’s no point trying to make simple capitalism seem sublime, unless you want to sound like one of the frauds who bullsh*ts with words and claws at the bonuses.

  11. Cool blog dude – I agree with what you are saying – you seem passionate about business. I think that the philosophies steer the course of the business and make it great, rather than mission statements which might never be achieved

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